About the Design

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Sambaran Das: When I came across the name of the book, “doppelgänger”, the image of a cat popped up in my head. I did not want to draw a simple shadow to illustrate the meaning but intended for something more playful and ambiguous. Cats are beings that tread softly in and out of living spaces and old decadent architectures like soft, furry and sneaky shadows. After reading some of your stories for a better understanding of the thematic structure of your book, the double image of the cat evolved. The double image is a metaphor of the duality of our own selves that in consciousness and in dreams crosses over the linear flow of time.


photo courtesy Subhadeep Dawn


About Sambaran Das: I am a freelance illustrator and an art worker by profession at present based in Kolkata. I work for print media and other publication related projects that includes cover design, posters, illustrations, story boarding and graphic novels. I am an art practitioner and have exhibited my works at galleries in India and have participated in the Dhaka art summit 2014. One can visit my gallery site and facebook .