Doppelgänger – Extracts

From Doppelgänger

Her bed is soft and spacious enough for the two of them, the sheets are fresh and sweet smelling. Her skin glows like butter and her lips are shell pink rose petals. Lying in bed with her, watching the sliver of blue sky, visible between the silhouettes of tall grey buildings from her bedroom window, he sometimes gets the feeling that, he’s re-entering his body. He feels again the heft of it, the senses springing slowly to life, the rush of blood, the rhythmic beat of his heart.

From Water Child

The abortionist is a middle-aged man. Short, scrawny, with a slight paunch and an air of indifference. He does not openly advertise his services. There is no nameplate nor is there a waiting room. Ina and Mihir wait in his office. Besides his own desk and chair, the abortionist has furnished it with three metal chairs. They sit apart, not talking, not looking at each other or at the man opposite them. Ina stares at the cracks in the cement floor while Mihir fills up forms with personal information. He enters a false name, address and other details. The abortionist puts away the forms without looking. Everyone who comes here lies, his attitude seems to say.

From Braveheart wins Fair Bride

Alliance invited for North Indian, fair, 20/ 5’3”/5 2kg convented, homely Agarwal girl. Montessori- trained teacheress. Early decent marriage. Caste no bar. Send horoscope and recent photograph (returnable).

Seeing it in the newspaper, Jigyasa had decoded it as a prospective bridegroom might, and come to the conclusion that such a lack lustre description could attract only an equally dull man.